Review of Man of steel

Cover of "Superman: The Man of Steel, Vol...
Cover of Superman: The Man of Steel, Vol. 1

Thought I would go ahead and write a movie review. Saw man of steel this weekend  so thought  I’d say a few lines about it since its a pretty hot movie this summer. I felt overall I was entertained, a few complaints, would be A: some of those fight scenes were about twenty minutes too long. B:(slight spoiler alert) the villian general Zod extraterrestrial crazy man  wants to destroy all humanity of the planet and replace the humans with a new kryptonite population. Which is all fine and dandy, but what could possibly top that? Perhaps they started out good ole superman, too super. And C, story lines were a little week, things weren’t as well explained as they should of been, and while Lois and Clark’s relationship had a spark, it was a bit lacking in dimension. The movie had flaws but I still  felt it was worth seeing, and I would enjoy to hear all of your opinions on it.


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