Several short story reviews from McSweeney’s Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories Frankenstein (1910 film) Frankenstein (1910 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Review of Lusus Naturae

In this Margaret Atwood short story a girl becomes ill with a disease that turns her into some kind of monster. Reminiscent of Frankenstein she becomes alienated from humanity and flees to the woods to avoid ridicule. If monster stories are your thing,  you should definitely check this one out.

Review of What you Do not know you Want

In this David Mitchell short story a collector has lost sight of a very valuable knife. A knife that was coincidently used in a suicide and a knife that he will follow any sign of for his wealthy client. If it ends up being worth it, you’ll have to read to find out!

Review of Minnow

This particular short story by Ayelet Waldman I found particularly haunting.  The story is about a woman who suffers a miscarriage.  She is depressed and traumatized and understandably so. One day she turns on the baby moniter and hears a baby crying. She assumes it is picking up the signal and cries of a baby in another household. So one day when her husband is at work, she goes out into the neighborhood searching for where this frantic nonstop crying is coming from, only to discover that its signal is strongest in front of her own home; this discovery throws her into the throws of either her own madness triggered by grief or a spirit realm that she should have just let be. Its for you to decide. If you’re into anything creepy or disturbing this story is worth checking out.


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