Rag and Bone (TV Movie) inspired by Anne Rice

..I’m a big Anne Rice fan, that’s why when i r...
..I’m a big Anne Rice fan, that’s why when i read somewhere that she started out in New Orleans and had a house here, i just had to take a snap of it.. so here it is 1239 first street, there was a remax sign in the gate though.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was an interesting film about a priest who leaves the pulpit to become a policeman in the city of New Orleans.  Dectective Tony Moran ends up facing a lot with his new career as a police officer mixed with his background as a priest, when he shoots and armed individual because it was his only chance at survival, but then ends up giving the man his last rights. In the meantime Sgt Daniel Ryan sees him both shoot the man and give him his last rights, whom later on Moran realizes later is a ghost of a local police officer who died in 51. We get to follow Moran’s detective chase as he uncovers the ghost’s past, and is then forced to take a more critical look into his own present. The movie is decent and intersting, as far as a Movie inspired by Anne Rice it wouldn’t live up to Interview with a vampire, but it also was only a script inspired by her rather than actually written by her, which Interview with a Vampire was.


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