Review of The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

The Bean Trees
The Bean Trees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was a wonderful book. Really. I fell in love with each and every one of the characters, from Taylor the adventurous soul who takes her tank of car, and drives away from kentucky as far as she can go. And on the way, down in Cherokee nation a woman comes to her car and drops a three year old little girl. The woman tells her she has to take her because she has no home. Taylor with a brief thought of marching in and returning the child to the bar that she is outside, decides to take her. She figures she can take care of her in the meantime if there really is no one else. She then arrives upon Tuscon Arizona, she is struck by the beauty and the straight out differences between Tuscon and her home town in Kentucky, and she meets the people who became her family in the New town. From Mattie the owner of Jesus is Lord Used tires, where Taylor ends up working and facing her fear of exploding tires. She meets Lou Ann another kentucky girl, who has a fear of saying ridiculous things out loud and is the overprotective mother believin her little boy dwaine ray could choke on anything smaller than a golf ball in site. And at the heart of the story, we learn that children dont have to be biological to be ours; Taylor starts calling her little girl turtle, and turtle starts to speak, she talks about Bean trees and potatoes and cartots. And as she grows and gets stronger just like any bean tree would. And with the happiness and the adventure Taylor has to face some unfortunate truths, like how her new friends Estevan and Esperenza have to always be on the run, because if they are ever sent back home they are bound to be tortured and killed.  She also has to face her own fear of becoming the rightful mother of turtle. Kingsolver true message in the book is that even with all the suffering in the world we can heal and make things better with love.


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