A short Story about a Doctor Part II by Delaney Cassinelli

This is Old Courthouse Square, the heart of do...
This is Old Courthouse Square, the heart of downtown Santa Rosa. The central building is the Rosenberg Building, constructed in 1922. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She opened the door, eying the apartment as she walked in. Then her heart stopped, she saw a man sitting her chair by the book shelf. There in her yellow brocade back chair was the creepiest face she had ever seen. He had brown eyes, and brown hair that was parted to the side. His skin was ghostly white and he had a mustache. That look that was in his eyes, man that look in his eyes, she would have run a mile a minute away from him if he was simply on the street. He turned to look at her absently. She could feel her stomach caught in her throat, with all her tiredness she ran down the hall back down to her car; positive the man was following her. She threw one foot ahead of another, lunging her way down the hall and the stairs down back to the parking garage. The way her body moved was unreal. Later she’d think of the adrenaline. All she thought was how she had to get to her car, and get out, that’s all she could think of.

She did, she drove to the top of one of the more country like neighborhoods. She realized no one had chased her but he had been there, just sitting in her living room. She decided to call the police, as well as security in her building. 911. “There’s an intruder in my apt!” Dispatcher: Ok maim, can I have a location, and any description. Yea the Rosenberg building apartment 217, second floor.  Um brown hair brown eyes, medium height, I am no longer in building I ran out and drove away. Dispatcher: Ok maim officers are on their way over, and if you’d like to come down to the station, tell us exactly what happened, possibly sit down with a sketch artist, in case we need further description. Nina: Yes of course, I am not far away, I’ll be right in. Dispatcher: Great

Dispatcher to Security: Hello this is Santa Rosa PD, there has been a breach of security in your building, a report of a suspicious person, and Officers are on their way over. Lock doors and stay where you are. If you can still keep tabs by way of video camera please do so. Todd: Thank you for informing me. Dispatcher: yes officer will be there soon sir.

Once in Police Parking lot Nina went ahead and called Security, she wanted Todd to know what was going on. “Todd, there was a man in my apt, he may be still there, I have no idea how he got in.” Did you know this person?” “No I’d never seen this man in my life, he was just sitting in my living room and I had no idea who he was! But police are on their way, I wanted you to hear it from me.” “Thanks Nina, the police have already informed me, but glad to hear it from you, I had no idea who or what the suspicious person had to do with, but now I know.”


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