Review of Balzac and the little Seamstress

This was a great, well written, moving novel. Two city boys are sent to the mountains for reeducation, because their parents, a great doctor, and a great dentist have been declared enemies of the state. The only way the goverment sees fit to save their sons is to send them away for a country education. However while they do learn many things about living in the country, they also transform the views the country folk have of the city. Especially that of the little seamstress. The great beauty of the mountain side who is the daughter of the tailor. The tailor whom

Phoenix mountain (Feng Huang Shan)
Phoenix mountain (Feng Huang Shan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in this little town seems equal to loyalty since he is the only one who can fashion the men and womens clothes in a suitable manner. After getting their hands on some great western classics through their friend four eyes, they are able to escape their reality of a harsh country life and be thrown into pages of beauty, romance, and drama. With the worlds of country and city coming together when these two boys enter the tiny mountain town of Phoenix Mountain we see how both sides can’t escape their experiences withought being changed.


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