Review of Balzac and the little Seamstress

This was a great, well written, moving novel. Two city boys are sent to the mountains for reeducation, because their parents, a great doctor, and a great dentist have been declared enemies of the state. The only way the goverment sees fit to save their sons is to send them away for a country education. However while they do learn many things about living in the country, they also transform the views the country folk have of the city. Especially that of the little seamstress. The great beauty of the mountain side who is the daughter of the tailor. The tailor whom

Phoenix mountain (Feng Huang Shan)
Phoenix mountain (Feng Huang Shan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in this little town seems equal to loyalty since he is the only one who can fashion the men and womens clothes in a suitable manner. After getting their hands on some great western classics through their friend four eyes, they are able to escape their reality of a harsh country life and be thrown into pages of beauty, romance, and drama. With the worlds of country and city coming together when these two boys enter the tiny mountain town of Phoenix Mountain we see how both sides can’t escape their experiences withought being changed.



dramatic dream
dramatic dream (Photo credit: unNickrMe)

Hopes and Dreams

doing and saying

we all do what we can

to make our cut in the worlds hemisphere

and we hope that it is

enough to make us

more than just a talker

so we live our lives

by a clock

as we dive into


of art life and humanity

to mean something

to ourselves

if not  to anyone else

A short Story about a Doctor Part II by Delaney Cassinelli

This is Old Courthouse Square, the heart of do...
This is Old Courthouse Square, the heart of downtown Santa Rosa. The central building is the Rosenberg Building, constructed in 1922. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She opened the door, eying the apartment as she walked in. Then her heart stopped, she saw a man sitting her chair by the book shelf. There in her yellow brocade back chair was the creepiest face she had ever seen. He had brown eyes, and brown hair that was parted to the side. His skin was ghostly white and he had a mustache. That look that was in his eyes, man that look in his eyes, she would have run a mile a minute away from him if he was simply on the street. He turned to look at her absently. She could feel her stomach caught in her throat, with all her tiredness she ran down the hall back down to her car; positive the man was following her. She threw one foot ahead of another, lunging her way down the hall and the stairs down back to the parking garage. The way her body moved was unreal. Later she’d think of the adrenaline. All she thought was how she had to get to her car, and get out, that’s all she could think of.

She did, she drove to the top of one of the more country like neighborhoods. She realized no one had chased her but he had been there, just sitting in her living room. She decided to call the police, as well as security in her building. 911. “There’s an intruder in my apt!” Dispatcher: Ok maim, can I have a location, and any description. Yea the Rosenberg building apartment 217, second floor.  Um brown hair brown eyes, medium height, I am no longer in building I ran out and drove away. Dispatcher: Ok maim officers are on their way over, and if you’d like to come down to the station, tell us exactly what happened, possibly sit down with a sketch artist, in case we need further description. Nina: Yes of course, I am not far away, I’ll be right in. Dispatcher: Great

Dispatcher to Security: Hello this is Santa Rosa PD, there has been a breach of security in your building, a report of a suspicious person, and Officers are on their way over. Lock doors and stay where you are. If you can still keep tabs by way of video camera please do so. Todd: Thank you for informing me. Dispatcher: yes officer will be there soon sir.

Once in Police Parking lot Nina went ahead and called Security, she wanted Todd to know what was going on. “Todd, there was a man in my apt, he may be still there, I have no idea how he got in.” Did you know this person?” “No I’d never seen this man in my life, he was just sitting in my living room and I had no idea who he was! But police are on their way, I wanted you to hear it from me.” “Thanks Nina, the police have already informed me, but glad to hear it from you, I had no idea who or what the suspicious person had to do with, but now I know.”

A short story about a Doctor by Delaney Cassinelli

Journal of Internal Medicine
Journal of Internal Medicine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She never slept, at least hardly. That was just apart of her life. As a resident of internal medicine, sleep was a luxury she saw very occasionally. Quick cat naps in the on call room, and the refilling of her coffee cup over and over to keep her sharp enough to do her rounds.

Being a doctor was of course what she had always wanted. And in many ways how hard she worked exhilarated her. No wonder she had heard of many doctors getting a god complex. I mean for god sakes, you had to work like a god just to get through; sixteen, eighteen hr days, diagnosing problem after problem, and on top of that you have to able to connect with your patients. You try your hardest to be comforting and understanding of their pain.

It was midnight and her feet ached, her arms could barely hold the clipboard. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, and she looked about just as shitty as she felt. Her eyes were gaunt, her lips pale, her skin waxy. She looked more like some of the hospitals terminally ill than she would have liked.

Walking down the halls, staring at her clip board she felt herself run into someone. She looked up startled. It was Dr. Edwards her superior. “Wow there, Dr. Ester, How long have you been on?”

Sixteen hrs she replied. “Go home, get some sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.” “You can’t very well treat a patient when there’s no more life in you now can you?”

“No I suppose not” Dr. Ester mumbled. She was thankful, because, she had honestly been wondering how long her feet could actually hold her body in an upwards angle. The last few hrs she had felt like a puppet somehow walking across the stage without knowing exactly how it was happening.

She drove home, collapsing into her seat and feeling the soreness of her feet as she pushed the gas pedals.

She actually loved her drive home at this hour. No cars were out, and she felt like she owned the town, gliding down the hill from the hospital to the small downtown studio where she lived.

She was thankful for her own space, the little hovel that was hers and no one else’s.

Although she sometimes felt guilty for not having fixed it up better.

For months the only thing put together was her little kitchenette, with a few cute mugs hanging over her stove that had the vintage Morton salt logo on it, and a pantry full of soup. I mean who has time to cook?

The rest of the space consisted of a mattress on the floor, and pictures leaning against the wall. One of these days I’ll get it all together she thought.

And now she was home, well almost anyway, she put her card in the little parking garage reader, and proceeded to park her car. Being a single woman, she had been really glad to find this place. It made her feel safe, being a big old building with an alarm system and a door man. She could have saved a lot more money getting one of those shitty looking apartments where the door face out towards the street, with anybody being able to walk right by, but being in debt a bit longer with the peace of mind of being safe seemed completely worth it.

She realized just how zombieish she was as she made her way up the stairs to her apartment. Til she finally got out her keys and began to turn the lock on her apt number 217.

Little did she know what lay ahead for her

To be continued …

Review of The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

The Bean Trees
The Bean Trees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was a wonderful book. Really. I fell in love with each and every one of the characters, from Taylor the adventurous soul who takes her tank of car, and drives away from kentucky as far as she can go. And on the way, down in Cherokee nation a woman comes to her car and drops a three year old little girl. The woman tells her she has to take her because she has no home. Taylor with a brief thought of marching in and returning the child to the bar that she is outside, decides to take her. She figures she can take care of her in the meantime if there really is no one else. She then arrives upon Tuscon Arizona, she is struck by the beauty and the straight out differences between Tuscon and her home town in Kentucky, and she meets the people who became her family in the New town. From Mattie the owner of Jesus is Lord Used tires, where Taylor ends up working and facing her fear of exploding tires. She meets Lou Ann another kentucky girl, who has a fear of saying ridiculous things out loud and is the overprotective mother believin her little boy dwaine ray could choke on anything smaller than a golf ball in site. And at the heart of the story, we learn that children dont have to be biological to be ours; Taylor starts calling her little girl turtle, and turtle starts to speak, she talks about Bean trees and potatoes and cartots. And as she grows and gets stronger just like any bean tree would. And with the happiness and the adventure Taylor has to face some unfortunate truths, like how her new friends Estevan and Esperenza have to always be on the run, because if they are ever sent back home they are bound to be tortured and killed.  She also has to face her own fear of becoming the rightful mother of turtle. Kingsolver true message in the book is that even with all the suffering in the world we can heal and make things better with love.

Ancient Places by Delaney Cassinelli

All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пи...
All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пирамиды Гизы на изображении. Español: Las Pirámides de Guiza (Egipto). Français : Les Pyramides de Gizeh (Egypte). Català: Les Piràmides de Giza, a Egipte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here I come

I want to see those age old stones

Where so many generations have passed

Where the wise people have lived

Making predictions and calculations

That we’re too technical to understand

I want to understand that age old wisdom

That our western culture has let slip away

You built the pyramids

Among other great carvings

While we build track homes

Within a six month period

I want to go back

Just for awhile

And experience all that knowledge first hand

From the ancient people of Egypt, Greece and Rome

Tell me the way to that mystical understanding

That those born in this century don’t seem to understand

Take me back

To that time of ancient understanding

Where things didn’t have to be scientifically proven

To be reguarded as real

When they knew that the stars fortold our destiny

And our palms were imprinted with the same

When the moon was understood to have powers

Such was its gravitational pull

Where the realm of those unseen spirits lurked closely

And everyone knew we possesed a soul

Take me back to that place of Mystical understanding

Haunted Mansion of Main Street by Delaney Cassinelli

English: Sign for the Haunted Mansion at Disne...
English: Sign for the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I walk up the desecrated sidewalk the haunted house of Main Street captures my eye

It’s kept in place by a massive stone wall and iron spikes

It’s gothic arch invites the lurking spirits of far and wide

The looming oak tree projects its eerie shadows to the side

The old swing in the front sways like the tide

And I’m afraid the former owner never really died