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Where we belong by Emily Griffin

This was a great book. Really. A quick read, but has a genuinely deep theme, and is definitely enough to get you thinking about a lot of different things. Marian Caldwell is a successful thirty six year old television producer living in New York City. She lives a glam life; shopping at barneys, dating the executive of the studio, and in general following her dreams. But of course there’s something missing from her life. And when Kirby an eighteen year old girl turns up on her doors step, we find out there is much more to Marian than a successful career woman.  We find out that she had had a daughter eighteen years before, and had given her up for adoption. She then is forced to come out of what she thought was a comfortable present and confront her past, when in turn makes her present seem shallow and superficial. She has to confront the fact that she never told Kirby’s father that she even existed. Something she had told herself over the years was the right thing to do. But Kirby the daughter she knows so little of teaches her more about herself than she was at first willing to even look at. A great story that takes a tough look at belonging, and where we all fit into our own little niches in the world. Griffin reminds us that even when its tough, its important to stay true to ourselves, because what’s the point in living a lie?